Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Texture Informs, part 2

Your home might be a cool, contemporary or an elegant traditional but if you would like to create more interest in your surroundings you can take some tips from Beth.  To make use of texture in your home, mix rough with smooth. wood with textiles,  porcupine quills with pottery heads!  Pull out things you love and please you visually.  Integrate them into your daily path, so you can enjoy them while working on the more routine things in life.  Little things are the difference between existing and thriving.
This home has a generally warm palette but there are splashes of cool colors also. They provide a visual contrast that make the whole room glow. 
Beth's home and art directly reflect her personality: interesting and layered, comfortable and warm. To see Thriving Creative Elizabeth Loftis's work visit  Look for more on Beth in the upcoming print magazine of Thriving Creatives.

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