Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Texture Informs - part 1.

In the late 40's all the brick Colonials in this tree lined neighborhood looked alike.  By 2011, generations have built additions, planted gardens, repainted and put their own unique stamp on their homes.  Never is this more evident that the at the home of Elizabeth Loftis.  The rustic artwork, soothing colors, and well-landscaped outside beg you to wonder what awaits within.

Beth is a oil pastel artist showing in Northern Virginia.  Her work favors earthy, ethnic combinations that refer back to her international travels while her husband was in the Foreign Service.  Texture and contrast are as prominent in Beth's art as they are in her home.

Beth states "I'm inspired by patterns and primitive works. I love using oil pastels because it puts me close to my work- I'm happiest when my hands are dirty."  Beth has an artist eye, no doubt when it comes to arranging things in her home.  Everywhere you look (including the top of the refrigerator!) has something to delight the eye.

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