Monday, September 19, 2011

Practice does NOT make perfect.

The year prior to my 50th birthday I embarked on a quest to discern how I wanted to spend my next half century.  I hired a art/business coach, committed to a year long spiritual search for my soul and resolved to get off my backside and do some of the things I have been planning for years.

I have learned that it is a VERY large clue when most of the folks in your life (except for unfailingly supportive family - thank you all) whether clients or friends, coaches or colleagues all say the same thing.  "You sure have a lot on your plate." "I wouldn't have had the guts to do that."  "What do you mean you are starting something new?"  "I am happy to help you, just tell me how".

I am learning working together is fun.  It's good to quit before you are tired.  It's OK to let people know you care. Navel gazing, prayer and contemplation can lead to stunning insights.  The big one?  That if I  wait for something to be perfect before I put it out there, it won't exist except in my imagination.

Thus I begin-

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